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Fishing Reports | Fishing Report August 13-20, 2016
Aug. 23, 2016

Indian Lake Chain:

The fishing was very good on the chain last week. Everyone had a good week with Walleye fishing. There were some nice Lakers off of Augite and the Musky hunters weren't disappointed either! The Northern Pike action was slow on the Chain. All in all, it was a great week at KCs Landing with lots of great people and fun kids. The kayaks and water park never got a break and the parents had good fishing.

Cedar Lake: 

It was a great week for Walleye fishing on Cedar Lake! The guests seemed to be catching plenty and we saw some nice ones including this 28 incher (picture below). The Muskie fishing was a lot slower this week. One very persistent fisherman finally boated this beautiful 50 inch Muskie at the end of the week. Congrats!


These two fishermen caught over 700 Walleyes in one week at Grace Lake! They mainly fished with a jig and a minnow and their biggest Walleye was 22 inches. They also used Rapala Tail Dancers and Rapala Husky Jerks. They most did vertical jigging. The best fishing spots were off the rocks and rock walls and in the flats. The fish were in 8-14 feet of water and the best time of day was in the evenings. They had a great trip and excellent fishing! 


This group boated between 50 and 100 Walleye per boat per day. The biggest Walleye was 25.5 inches and they mainly fished with jigs and minnows. The best spots were along the shorelines and reefs. They did not fish for Northerns, but caught quite a few by accident every day. The biggest was 33 inches.


This group lost count of the number of Walleye they caught. The biggest one was 22 inches and they fished using minnows, Gulp, and crawlers. The best spots were the drop offs in 10-20 feet of water. They caught 24 Northern over 30 inches and the biggest was 42.5 inches. The best baits for Northern were Johnson Spoons, Red Eyes, and minnows. The Northerns were in the weeds in 6-11 feet of water.


This group was made up of 3 generations. They had a great trip! They said the camp was excellent and the fishing was excellent. They got lots of Walleyes. The biggest was 22 inches. They used jigs with minnows or shad raps. The fish were in about 12 feet of water and the bit stead all day. They also caught a 38+ inch Northern.




Using litle joe hammered gold spinners, this group caught 1,600 Walleye on McVicar. The biggest was 25 inches. The best spots were on reefs, bays, and shorelines. The depth of the fish really varied; they were anywhere from 5-30 feet deep. They caught a couple hundred Pike and the biggest was 36 inches. 

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