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Fishing Reports | Fishing Report August 8-15, 2015
Aug. 19, 2015

Cedar Lake:

We had a very exciting week on Cedar. We had some avid Muskie fishermen in camp this week. They raised at least 20 Muskies per day including some monsters. They raised the same “monster” about 5 times throughout the week and could NOT get her to hit. They did boat a 51-inch and a few others in the 40-inch range. Walleye fishing was great; everyone had lots of action and ate lots of fish. One group also got into a honey hole of nice-sized Perch. We had a beautiful week with lots of hot weather, which really got the Muskies moving. A cold front came in Saturday night, so we will see what the week brings.

Indian Lake Chain:

The Muskie action was a little slower this week, but the early morning and evening Walleye fishing was fantastic! The Bass are now very active too, which makes things exciting. We had some very respectable Bass caught among other nice fish. It was a great week with some decent weather.


These two guys had a fantastic first time on Antenna Lake. They for sure caught over 500 Walleye and said they would bite on absolutely anything! They casted with Lindy Rigs, Shad Raps, and jigged with minnows. Yellow jigs with live minnows was the bait of choice. Their favorite spot on the lake was a reef where the water was only about 3 feet. They said it was amazing how thick the Walleyes were in that one shallow spot. They didn’t catch any huge ones, but they were all very thick and healthy looking. They had some Northern hit on their Walleyes, which is always exciting. They said the seen some monster Northern, but only boated a few and the biggest being 35-inches.


This group of 4 caught well over 2,000 Walleye. Their favorite lure was a Maribou Jig (white) with a minnow. They found most Walleye in 8-12 feet of water. The best spots were ones with moving water and their biggest Walleye was 23.5 inches (4.5 pounds). They caught over 700 Northern using #5 Meps. The largest was 37 inches and 14 pounds and they lost some big ones. They found Northern in weedbeds in 6-8 feet of water. They drove all the way from Alabama and had a great trip! They will be back.


They say they caught too many fish to count! Both Walleye fishing and Northern fishing were excellent. They caught Walleye and Northern on Perch-colored Rapala Scatter Rap Minnows. They found Walleye in 8-13 feet of water and Northern in 3-5 feet. The hot spots were around shorelines, reefs, and weedbeds. They had very hot weather the first four days and cooler weather with some rain on the last 2 days. The commented that the cabin was very well equipped, fishing was outstanding, they had plenty of bait, and excellent service by Clark’s Resorts & Kay Air. They were making the long drive back to Florida, but will be returning next year.


When asked how many Walleye they caught, this group said "lots & lots & lots". They fished with live minnows, Gulps, and crawlers. The best fishing was on reefs, points, and drop-offs anywhere from 6-15 feet of water. The largest Walleye caught was just shy of 25 inches. The best time of day was in the morning. They didn't catch as many Northerns as they did Walleye, but they managed to get 18 over 30 inches. The best time for Northern was when the sun was out and in the weeds. They had great weather - warm with South winds. They enjoyed watching the lightning shows at night and noted that the bugs weren't bad at all, which is always a bonus.

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