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Fishing Reports | Fishing Report July 14-28, 2018
Aug. 2, 2018

Bertrand – First Group

The Walleyes were in fairly deep water, 18’ to 25’ coming into 8’ to 10’ in the evening. They caught a ton of them using jigs and minnows off the bottom. They ranged from 14” to 25” and they bit all day long! The Northern fishing wasn’t as good. They have moved into the deeper water chasing the walleyes so the best they could do was troll in the deeper water using deep running lures. They did manage to get several though ranging from 22” to 39”. They also got some Walleyes while trolling as well. They said a depth finder is a must in order to find the deeper holes. As a group, they caught 1,484 fish during their week on Bertrand!


Bertrand – Second Group

The fish continued to bite for the next group. They caught all the Walleyes they could have wanted and the biggest was 23 inches. The best bait was pink jigs with yellow tails and a minnow. The Walleye went deep with the sun and were shallower on cloudy days. On average, they were about 14-16 feet deep.

Snelgrove – First Group

Our group at Snelgrove had lots of fun catching walleyes pretty much EVERYWHERE on the lake, using 3/8 oz jig, trolling ... they found the new Yamahas trolled slightly faster than the old motors, keeping bait at exactly the correct depth. Their most productive colors were yellow/green and orange, paired with either a minnow or leech. Best time of day was evenings, fishing in 6 foot to 15 foot depths. They were happy to catch on average 40-60 walleyes per day, with their best day a whopping 150! They also bagged their biggest Northern, of the 15-20 per day, measuring 36 inches. Mainly using blue/white spoon, or jig with white plastic minnow.

Snelgrove – Second Group

This group came all the way from North Carolina and some said it was the best vacation of their entire lives! They absolutely loved the peace and quiet, away from phones, computers, and tvs. They fished all over Snelgrove including the portage lake and found fish everywhere! Their biggest Walleye was 26 inches. They also hooked into TWO 40 inch or better Northerns and had them boatside, but they got away. They fished with spinners and minnows and also with Mepps. It was a great week at Snelgrove!

Una – First Group

This group caught over 700 walleyes, with their largest measuring 22 inches. The majority of their catch was between 17 and 19 inches and HEAVY! Hot spots were found at 7 – 15 feet of water, best time in the evening. They netted 60 Northern Pike, the largest was 32 inches., found mainly in the evenings again, in around the same depths as the walleyes, along shorelines and reefs. Crank baits worked best! 

Una – Second Group

This group caught at least 500 Walleye and 42 Northern and said it was the best fishing they’ve ever had! The biggest Walleye was a whopping 27 inches and the biggest Northern was just shy of 42 inches (caught in the last hour of fishing for the week!) For Walleye a jig and minnow worked best, with or without plastic. Mepps #3 worked really well too. The Walleye were along shorelines and weedbeds in 6-15 feet of water. The Northern were also caught with jigs and minnows in weedbeds and in the bays in 3-10 feet of water.

Dobie Lake

This group of 5 fisher-people found a whopping 500-700 fish (clearly they must have quit counting at one point!). The mornings were best between 7 and 10 am, but they found fish all day long! They had the most action at between 14 and 22 feet depths, with the most action at 15-16 feet. The most productive part of the lake was the north end, where the deeper water held the walleyes.  Biggest walleye 22 inches.


McVicar Lake - First Group


 This group has been going to McVicar for many years and had another successful trip. They caught about 1,300 Walleye on leeches and jigs. Their biggest Walleye was just shy of 24 inches. There were a few Northern caught while Walleye fishing, the biggest being 35 inches. The fish were on the reefs in 12-25 feet of water and the bite was strong all day long. 

McVicar Lake - Second Group

This group had a great trip with lots of fish! Their biggest Walleye was 23 inches and their biggest Northern was 36 inches. For Walleyes they used spoons and jigs and for Northern the best lure was a PBR Spoon. The Walleyes were on the reefs about 10-15 feet deep and the Northerns were in the weedbeds about 3-10 feet deep. They even made it to the portage lake, although it was a struggle with the low water.

Antenna Lake

This fishing duo caught 433 Walleye and 56 Northern (by accident). They only targeted Walleyes and had the best luck with Little Joe’s. They fished the points and anywhere with structure in 7-10 feet of water. Their biggest Walleye was 23 inches and even though they were not fishing for Northern, they caught a 40-incher! These guys had a great trip and look forward to coming back next year.

Pusher Lake

This crew of kids and adults caught LOTS of Walleye and several Northern. Their biggest Walleye was 24.5 inches and biggest Northern was 30 inches. Favourite lure for Walleye was the wabble eye jig and Rapalas for Northern. They found fish all over and at any time of day. The fish were in about 9 feet of water.

Cook Lake

In a very short stay, they caught a lot of fish! In just a few days of fishing, they caught about 465 Walleye and 15 Northern. The biggest Walleye was 19 inches and biggest Northern was 33 inches. The fish were biting on almost anything. They found most on the rocky points and reefs. They were anywhere from 5-8 feet deep. Best time of day was in the afternoon. They said it was a fantastic trip and couldn’t have asked for more!

Kapikik Lake

This group of 7 fishermen caught a total of 2,866 fish!!! 2,791 of these were Walleye and the biggest was 26 inches. Walleye were caught with the classic jig and minnow. Northern were caught with spoons. The biggest Northern was 38.5 inches. The best spots for fish were in the areas of moving water or on reefs and rock piles. They were anywhere from 6 to 15 feet deep. Sounded like they had a fantastic time!

Grace Lake

Grace Lake did it again with fantastic Walleye fishing! These Grace Lake veterans caught about 750 Walleye with lots of them being over 20 inches! The biggest was 23 inches. Jigs and minnows worked best, especially red and white ones or orange and yellow. Along the shorelines and weedbeds in 8-12 feet of water was the best fishing. The fish were biting all day long!

Wright Lake

“We had a great trip. Fishing was sensational and everyone really enjoyed Wright Lake.” That’s what we like to hear! This group caught 1,225 Walleye and about 40 Pike. The biggest Walleye was 24 inches and the biggest Pike was 40 inches! For Walleye, the bait of choice was a jig and minnow and for Northern the pink and white Daredevils worked best. Best time of day for Walleye was late morning and they were found around islands, points, and reefs suspended about 6 inches from the bottom. Late afternoon was best for Pike and they were found along the shorelines and off the dock!

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