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Fishing Reports | FIshing Report July 9-16, 2016
Jul. 18, 2016

Indian Lake Chain:

There as tons of Muskie action on the Chain this week as well as Northern Pike. The Walleye action was average. On Boulder Lake in particular, the Walleye were in 16-feet of water and hungry! On the rest of the chain they were about 6-feet deep in the sticks and later in the week about 12-feet deep on reefs. The best action was early in the morning or in the evenings. The “lakers” were still active on Augite.

Cedar Lake:

What a week for big fish! There were two 48.5-inch Muskies boated this week and many others in the 40s. The follow-up action was unreal… the Muskies are seriously active now! There were also lots of nice Walleyes caught and released. A few in the high 20s including a nice 28-inch. We heard that the Bass were really biting and the Crappies have turned on again.


There were lots of nice & healthy Northerns caught this week on Kap; lots in the mid 30s and one 44-inch. The Walleye fishing was good; no trophies to speak of, but plenty of nice Walleye caught and released (and eaten as well!). This group used mostly crank baits and spoons and didn’t use live bait very much. They said the Walleye were in 6-8 feet of water on rocky points and the big Pike were in the Bays.


This group had unbelievable fishing on Grace Lake this week. They caught quantities of Walleyes in the thousands. They said most of the time they were catching a Walleye every 30 seconds. Their first day there was the best ever; they couldn’t believe the fast action fishing. The largest Walleye was 23-inches and they caught some nice Northerns including a 38-inch. For Walleye fishing they used mostly jigs with minnows and some spoons. The fish were on the points, in the weeds, and on reefs and still in fairly shallow.


This group caught just shy of 1,000 Walleye. They used jigs, blue Rapala flicker shads, and white powerbaits. They found Walleye everywhere, but the best spots were around shallow rocks, and where there was sediment on the bottom. The Walleye were in about 17-18 feet of water. They fished for Northerns with crankbaits in the weeds in 3-4 feet of water.


This group of four caught 1,099 Walleye during their week at Bertrand Lake. They had 3 days of wind and rain; it was so windy that there were even white caps on the lake. They enjoyed the wood stove and the sauna with the cooler weather! The largest Walleye caught was 26.5 inches and the largest Northern was 38 inches. They fished using ¼ oz. jigs with minnows, leeches, and worms and fished along shorelines and reefs. On sunny days the best fishing was in the afternoon and evening and on cloudy days the fishing was good all day. 


This group has fished Fawcett many times in the past and this year it did not dissapoint. They caught hundreds of Walleye and the biggest was 26 inches (5 lbs 6 oz.) They used jigs with minnows for fishing on the bottom and also rattling Rapalas and Thundersticks for trolling. For jigging the best spots were in 11-14 feet of water and for trolling anywhere with fast water and along the shorelines was best. They caught 30 to 40 Northern per day. The biggest was 32 inches. The best lures for Northern were rattling Rapalas, jigs with minnows, and jointed lures. The best spots were weedy shorelines provided there was at least 5 feet of water. 

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