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Fishing Reports | Fishing Report June 16-23, 2018
Jun. 26, 2018

Cedar Lake

Walleye and crappie fishing very good this past week, 6 – 12 feet of water. Many walleyes over 20 inches...limits every day! Some lucky fisherman caught a smallmouth 18 inches, and lots of 15’s and 16’s. Good northern and Muskie action as well. Surprise surprise, our “go to” method of jigging wasn’t as successful as usual, rather jerk baits worked best! Fish very active, in spite of first couple days of May-fly hatch. 


Our group at Austin found over 100 walleyes, with the biggest at a whopping 27 inches. They found mepps spinners and spoons to be effective, but especially the “tried and true” leadhead jigs with minnows or twister tails.  Seems that the walleyes were suspended 2-3 feet below the surface in 6-8 feet of water. They found over 100 Northern Pike as well, with the biggest at 32 inches... mepps spinners were the winner in this case, and mainly along the shoreline and portage lake. Shallow water for Northern Pike.  Good walleye action on the portages toward Bamadji and up the inlet. Southeast end of the lake was a sweet spot for perch, using bobber and minnow.  


These folks got into almost 900 walleyes during their week at Okanse (Okanse is new for us, so this is very exciting!) Mainly jig and minnow, and the biggest walleye came in at 19 ¾ inches. Time was spent at about 6 feet of water, near weed beds and drop-offs... 3-12 feet deep....ALL TIMES OF THE DAY! Northern count came in at about 255, with the biggest at 34 inches, caught mainly on Rapala Rattletraps and spinner baits and spoons. The group found their greatest numbers along shorelines with big structure, very shallow.....mornings best, but they hit all day long. They were also “wowed” by the dock fishing, which saw a “walleye chase” almost every cast... great trip for their group of 4, and they loved the accommodations.  

Upper Wapesi

This “veteran” group of 4 were blown away by Upper Wapesi, and the fast action fishing.....They are not normally the guys who count their fish, but one gentleman reported that one day his catch alone was at 100! They used mainly minnows on jigs, with or without twister tails, on the reefs and weedbeds for the most part. They were mostly in 7-14 feet of water but they also found them as deep as 24 feet, any time of day, especially mornings and afternoon to early evening. Biggest walleye was 24 inches. Northern caught (while not necessarily targeted) numbered around 25, with the biggest at 32 inches... caught on jig and minnow as they were pursuing walleyes. This group professed this lake to be their all time favorite, and this years’ trip to be the best so far out of the half dozen trips they’ve had at Upper Wapesi. 

Una Lake

This couple, who have been with us several times, had a great week at Una Lake, caught LOTS of walleyes, with the biggest at 25 inches... mainly along shorelines and on weed beds, 6-10 feet of water most action in the morning. Northern Pike....LOTS as well, with numbers 35, 38 and 40 inches. Pike were found in about 5-6 feet of water, mid day was best!  Lots of lost jigs, as the lake is very rocky.... trolling was phenomenol! 


This group of “regulars” tied into over 1800 walleyes, with the biggest 24 inches, mainly at river in-flows, reefs and points. Mornings and late afternoon proved to be most productive times of the day, and in 4-7 feet of water. They also caught around 100 pike, with the biggest just under 40 inches. Weather was perfect, they loved the cabin, water and ice amenities. 


Our group of guys at Meen Lake loved their trip, and reported that they caught more fish than they had on any of their MANY fly out trips! Great news for this “hidden treasure” of a lake... their numbers were between 900 and 1000, mainly along shorelines, in about 6-10 feet of water ALL DAY LONG! Their bait of choice was a jig with twister tail AND minnow, for both walleyes and Northern Pike, of which they caught about 200, mainly along shorelines, the biggest at 27 inches. 


This group of 4 on a family trip, had their second trip to Pusher, and they were excited to report that they caught WAY TOO MANY TO COUNT of walleyes, mainly on black jigs, minnows and leeches... also had luck with floating Rapalas. Walleye were mainly in about 6-12 feet of water, and they hit best during middle of the day. Northern Pike numbered about 50 with a 39 inches the biggest, also caught on jig/minnow, about same depth as walleyes and in the afternoon. 


This group of “regulars” had a blast at Grace Lake, one of our best “walleye factories”! They caught well over 1200 during their stay, with the largest at 21 inches, mainly in 6-8 feet of water, best time of day late afternoon. Northern numbered just under 900 with the biggest at 35 inches, again on minnows... mainly on the weed beds... lots of perch for some added excitement! 


Bertrand continued true to its reputation producing over 800 walleye for our group, mainly on jig and minnow with the biggest 24 inches. Northern Pike bit same lure, and numbered around 50, with 32 at the high mark. 


This week our group found LOTS (hundreds) of walleyes mainly in moving water, and in the Big Bay. Northern were caught right alongside of (actually CHASING) the walleyes, and the biggest 33 inches... largest walleye was 24.5 inches. 


McVicar Lake, too, was ‘ON FIRE’, as our group this past week netted over 1000 walleyes, with numbers ranging in the high teens with largest at 25 inches. Main method was the usual.... jig and minnow and/or jig and twister tail. Sounds like they had action everywhere they tried, along shorelines, reefs and on weedbeds. The minnow supply they described as “very nice, a luxury option”! Makes for successful fisihing trip thus great fishing report! Northerns they said were “too many” , with the largest 38 inches. There was NOT a bad time of day for fishing  success! 


This group apparently did NOT count their walleyes, but reported that they caught A LOT of them, with 23 inches being the largest... mainly along shorelines and on weedbeds, around 6 feet of water......again, any time of day! The found A LOT of Northern Pike as well, with the largest 42 inches, mainly on Cleo’s and Daredevils. Six feet of water seemed to be the best producers of both walleye and Northern Pike. Their “other comments” I just HAVE to share:  “Thanks for flying in minnows, great cabin, good motors, great fish house, nice pilot and super staff, very organized friendly and helpful” and my favorite.....”Meagan and Karla #1”!!



Our group at Kam was very impressed with the quality of fishing this past week.....they boated almost 2000 total fish, with the biggest walleye measuring 28 inches. They found several in the 24-26 inch range. Largest pike was a respectable 45 inches, caught mainly on Crankbaits. Jig/minnow combos along with crankbaits were the ticket for walleyes. Two of the guys caught over 600 walleyes each, mainly on shorelines and points. This group was treated to an added bonus of seeing quite a bit of wildlife, including a caribou and calf swimming across the lake, also a bear, mink and eagles....  very cool! 


These folks found walleyes, numbering +/- 50 per day, with the largest measuring 26 inches, mainly on jigs in particular chartreuse, pink, white along with a minnow, along shorelines and on rocky points. They were congregated anywhere in 5-15 feet and bit all day long. Northern Pike only about 10 per day, the largest 34 inches, again on jig (orange) and minnow or on spoons. Same terrain as the walleyes, shoreline , rocky points as well as the weeds. 


These two gentlemen enoyed their fishing trip to Cook Lake, and found more of their larger walleyes on Bumpy Lake, the portage lake... which we seem to find to be the case most of the time. Their best luck was on spinners, jig and minnow, and plain hook and minnow! Anywhere from 3-15 feet of water, best time mid-day. They found more Pike in Bumpy as well, with the largest measuring 41 inches., mainly on spinners, spoons and hook/minnow combination.


This group targetted Northern and just kept a few Walleye to eat. They boated lots of big Northern as you can see in the pictures. Their largest was 40 inches. The best lures for Northern were Mepps #5, Bucktails, and Cleo Spoons. They caught at least 400 Northern in 3-10 feet of water along shorelines and weedbeds. The Northern action was steady all day long. For Walleye they also used Cleo Spoons and jigs and found them in 6-10 feet of water.


This group had a great time fishing Richardson. They caught so many fish that they lost count, but their best estimate was that each of them caught 150 to 250 Walleye during the week. They did not fish sun-up to sun-down every day… they enjoyed the scenery and even some wildlife, including a bear. They caught several Northerns measuring in at 32", 34", 36" and 39" and also a couple of 42". One of the guys caught a 32" off the dock a few times. Most of the Northerns were caught while fishing with jigs for Walleyes but one of the guys used a 3/4 oz. five of diamonds for Northerns and caught many on that, and even a few Walleyes. Most of the Walleyes were in the 18" to 22" range, which were a little big to eat but fun to catch. They tried to keep a few of the smaller ones for eating but those were not easy to find. They thought the blue Walleyes were amazing to catch and see… some were a bright, shiny blue! The group found that they had similar results whether fishing with live minnows or twister tails and most of the Walleyes we caught were in 6 to 8 feet of water.

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