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Fishing Reports | Fishing Report June 23-30, 2018
Jul. 2, 2018

Cedar & Indian Chain

Both lakes were hit pretty hard with the May fly hatch this week, but not too many complaints were heard so the fishing couldn’t have been too bad! We’ve been hearing lots of reports of big Muskies being raised, including a beautiful Tiger Muskie on Cedar. Walleye fishing slowed down, but didn’t turn off completely. It will come back around now that the hatch is over. The Crappies on Cedar are slowing down a little now, but will surely fire up again later in the summer.

Upper Wapesi

This first-time fly-out couple (she surprised him for his 30th birthday... nice birthday gift!!) had a blast at Upper Wapesi, catching over 100 walleyes, with 24.5 the largest, mainly on jig  head, minnow and/or twister tail. They found them mostly mid-day, in about 6-10 feet of water.... Northern Pike numbered +/- 50 with the largest coming in at 37 inches. They, too, saw plenty of wild critters including a moose, eagles and a beaver. They said they’ll be back, maybe a ‘HONEYMOON’ trip, as they are tying the knot next spring.... CONGRATULATIONS to them!! 


This group had a blast on Wright Lake, catching a couple hundred Walleyes and twice as many Northern! Their biggest Walleye was 24 inches and their biggest Northern was 37 inches. They fished with green and black or red spinners and also used green jigs with minnows for Walleye. The Pike were absolutely everywhere on the lake and the Walleyes were mainly in the deeper holes, the outflows, and by “fire island”. Some of the fish were as deep as 30 feet.


It sounds like the fishing was not quite as fast-paced as the week before, but still lots were caught and some nice ones at that! The biggest Walleye was 24.5 inches and the biggest Northern was 37 inches. They targeted Walleye and caught the Northerns by accident. They used jigs and minnows with slip bobbers. The Walleye were suspended in 3-8 feet of water around rocky, shallow areas. The fishing was good right off the dock in the evenings.


This group took our advice and fished with jigs and minnows. They caught a couple hundred Walleye with the biggest being 23 inches. Walleye were in 10-15 feet of water and Northern were in 6 feet of water. They noted the fishing to be better early morning and in the evenings and they had good luck off the docks!


This group of seven caught a total of 3,621 fish including Walleye, Northern, and Perch. When using a jig and minnow they could catch a fish on every cast. They would switch to lures and plastics after catching that many fish! Their biggest Walleye was 22 inches and their biggest Northern was 32 inches. Walleye were in 7-10 feet of water off of rocky drop-offs and along shorelines. Northern were in 2-7 feet of water along shorelines with structure. Aside from jigs and minnows or twister tails, they also used Rapalas, Mepps, Spinners, Baitcasters, and Spoons.


These two caught a couple hundred Walleye about about 100 Northern. Their biggest Walleye was 21 inches and their biggest Northern was 36 inches (and they caught a few this size!). They had a 32-inch Northern hit a smaller Northern as it was being reeled in and they landed both fish! They mainly trolled for Walleye with white Rattle Traps along shorelines in 6-10 feet of water. The best lure for Northern was the Gold Red Eye Wiggler.


This was their 7th time on Fawcett Lake and they said the fishing was as good as always! The best fishing was close to the cabin, which is nice on a lake that size. They caught a lunker Walleye measuring 29 inches!! The best bait for Walleye was worm rigs and jigs with minnows (pink, green, and white jigs were best). The Walleye were in 5-10 feet of water along shorelines and in the river. Northerns were caught on similar baits and in the same areas as Walleyes.


These guys caught almost 1,300 Walleye with the biggest being 24 inches. The best bait was white jigs with minnows. They fished shorelines and reefs in 8-14 feet of water and the fishing was good all day. They also caught Northerns on jigs and minnows or white/yellow spinner baits. They found the Northerns in the same areas as Walleyes in 3-20 feet of water. They say Shab is an awesome lake! And it was a second time there THIS YEAR for one of the guys!


Sounds like McVicar was hit pretty good with the may fly hatch this week, but they still did good with fishing. They found lots of Walleyes on reefs, points, and portages in 10-12 feet of water. The best bait was jigs and minnows and their biggest Walleye was 24 inches! The best lure for Northern was orange spin baits and someone caught a 42-incher! The Northerns were in 3-6 feet of water in the weedbeds.


Fishing was good on Kap, as always. About 1,500 Walleye were caught this week and about 40 Northern. Sounds like the main target was Walleye on this trip. This group fished with curly tail grubs and minnows. The best place to find fish was in 3-6 feet of moving water. The biggest Walleye caught was 28 inches and the biggest Northern was 33 inches. The best time of day for fishing was in the morning.

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