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Fishing Reports | Fishing Report June 9-16, 2018
Jun. 19, 2018


The fishing on Richardson was great! This group was impressed by the “quality” of the fish. They were all really good-sized. They caught about 500 Walleyes mostly using jigs and minnows. They fished the shorelines, weedbeds, and near islands in 3-6 feet of water. The largest Walleye was 25 inches. They caught Northern with flies and also using jigs and minnows. The Northern were caught in the same areas as Walleyes and the biggest was 35 inches.


We thought Dobie was on fire last week… this week there were over 4,500 Walleyes caught and released!! The biggest Walleye was 26 inches. This group said it was the best fishing they’ve EVER had! They caught Walleye all day long until their arms hurt. They had a blast exploring the river systems and even saw 6 moose! They Walleye fished with jigs & minnows, plastics with paddle tails, and with spinners. The best spots were the rivers and along shorelines in 6-8 feet of water. They caught about 350 Northern with the biggest being 36 inches. They caught them with any kind of spoons and also with Walleye rigs.


These two caught lower numbers of fish, but the quality was definitely there. They noted the lower numbers were due to high winds and inconsistent weather. Their biggest Walleye was 26 inches and their biggest Northern was 36 inches. For Walleye they used jig heads with bright green or white twister tails. They fished the shorelines and reefs in 8-16 feet of water and after 6pm was always best. They actually had a hard time keeping Walleye for their meals because most caught were over 18 inches. Northerns were generally caught while Walleye fishing.


This group caught lots of fish and some real nice sized ones! Their biggest Walleye was 25.5 inches and their biggest Northern was 42 inches. They caught 21 Northern over 30 inches and 4 over 40 inches! The baits of choice for Walleye were Mepps #5, Rip & Rap #6, and of course jigs with minnows. The best spots were weedbeds and reefs in 4-20 feet of water and the Walleye bit all day long. For Northern they used Mepps #5 and GT360 baits. The Pike were hanging around in the weedbeds.



This group had unreal fishing on Grace!! So many fish caught and lots of big ones!! They caught over 2,500 Walleye and over 500 Northern. They said they could catch their dinner off the dock in minutes. Their biggest Walleye was 22 inches and their biggest Northern was 40 inches… they also caught some monster perch! Best bait for Walleye were jigs and minnows and best lures for Northern were spoons and deep crankbaits. Fish were along the shorelines, on the reefs, and in weedbeds anywhere from 3 to 15 feet deep. The fishing was hot all day, everyday.


The Austin crew caught hundreds of Walleye and about 50 Pike all while fishing with jigs and twister tails. Their biggeset Walleye was 26 inches and their biggest Northern was 36 inches. They mainly stuck to the shorelines and fished in 7-10 feet of water. The time of day did not matter.


It was a first time in a floatplane and first time doing a fishing trip like this for this couple. They had a great time and enjoyed the peace and quiet that an outpost can offer. They caught about 80 Walleye and the biggest was 17 inches. They caught about 70 Northern and the biggest was 39 inches. The best bait for Walleye were white jigs with minnows and the best bait for Pike was a rooster tail with a minnow. The Walleye were only about 4 feet deep and the Northern about 3 feet deep. All fish were caught along shorelines and around weedbeds. The best bite was in the evenings.


This group had a fantastic week at McVicar with over 2,000 Walleyes caught and released! Their biggest was 25 inches. They fished with plastics, gulps, cranks, and spinner baits. The best spots were around big rocks, along shorelines, and reefs. The fish were in 5-20 feet of water and they were biting good all day long! They caught over 500 Northern with the biggest being 36 inches. Anything worked for Northern and most were caught while Walleye fishing.


It was all smiles after a fun, family week at Shab. The Walleye bite was steady all week and they figured they caught over 750. Most Walleye were in the 17-22 inch range and although they did not target Northern, there were a few caught including a 36-icher. The crew mainly fished with jigs and minnows or twister tails and by the end of the week the favourite colour was orange.


This group of Kapikik regulars killed it once again this year. As a group of 8 they caught 5,632 Walleye and 55 Saugers & Perch. Their biggest Walleye was 25.5 inches and the bait of choice was jigs and minnows. The best spots on the lake were anywhere with running water and about 6-12 feet deep. They also caught 301 Northern including a 37 incher. They had many Northern hit Walleyes as they were reeling them in. They used swimbaits and weedless spoons when Northern fishing. The Northern were mostly found wherever the Walleye were. During their best day of fishing they caught a total of 1,125 fish between 8 guys… two of them catching over 200 each! They said the weather was the best they’ve ever had. They also noted the water level being down about 18 inches and it was the earliest they’ve ever seen so much vegetation growth in the lake. Along with thousands of fish they also saw the camp caribou (and other caribou), moose, eagles, a woodchuck, and a mink. 


These two caught about 600 Waleye and 200 Northern. They said the fishing was outstanding! For Walleye they used 1/8 oz jigs with live minnows and Northern were caught on the same. They said any colour worked well. They fished the shorelines in 4-12 feet of water and also the weedbeds. The Walleye bit best early morning and late afternoon and the Northern were biting at any time of day.


This group has been to Fawcett many times and they said the fishing was possibly the best they’ve ever had on any of their Canadian fly-in adventures. They caught too many Walleye to count with the biggest being 27 inches. The bait of choice was jigs and minnows and swimbaits. The best spots for Walleye were shorelines and rocky points in 3-10 feet of water. The best time of day was mid-morning and late evening. They caught between 250 and 300 Northern and the biggest was 36 inches. They also caught Northern on jigs and swimbaits and in the same spots as Walleye.


We had our first group at Dorothy Lake in the brand new cabin! They found fish everywhere on the lake, they were biting at any time of day, and they bit any type of bait that was thrown at them. The biggest Walleye caught was just shy of 21 inches and the biggest Northern caught was 38 inches.


These two caught about 500 Walleye and 70 Northern. The biggest Walleye was 25.5 inches and the biggest Northern was 35.5 inches. All fish were found along the shorelines in 8-9 feet of water. They used 1/8 lead head jigs with minnows… chartreuse was the colour of choice. They said the fishing was excellent and they caught fish at every spot they tried.


Great fishing for this group of 8! They caught lots of Walleyes, many in 20”-22” inch range, mainly trolling or jigging with plastics.  Largest eye was 23”. Most were in 4 – 8 feet depths.  The walleye population was awesome, way more 18”+ than small ones.  Several were caught off the dock, which made for a tasty dinner.  They used a few minnows, but mostly artificial baits. They boated some trophy Northerns including five mosters: 43”, 41”, 40”, 38”, 36”. They said the Pike and Walleye out of Kam were all fat and full of fight.  They also said that the Northerns seemed to be much heavier than what they’ve have caught at other lakes in the past.

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