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Fishing Reports | Fishing Report May 20-27, 2017
May. 31, 2017

Cedar Lake

Opening day, the fishing was fair… everyone caught enough for a meal. The next two days we had miserable weather and the fishing turned right off. Tuesday was probably the best day of fishing… one boat caught and released over 100 Walleye! The Crappie fishing was really good throughout the week. One of our regular groups (of 6 guys) caught about 620 Walleye during their stay. It wasn’t their best year, but most definitely not the worst!

Indian Lake Chain

Opening week on the Chain was as good as usual. There were A LOT of big Lake Trout caught and released. The Walleye fishing was as good as it gets. Jimmy was out Trout fishing and caught and released some very nice sized Walleye… and he admits that he was also out-fished by his wife! There was some Pike action as well, but not any “trophies” this week.

Dobie Lake 

This group had a great week at Dobie Lake… lots of relaxing and the fishing was good. The biggest Walleye they caught was 24”. They fished the shorelines and reefs mostly and they used jigs with minnows, The Walleye were mostly in 6-12 feet of water and were biting any time of day, but slow mid-day.

Otatakan Lake

The fish were really biting on Otatakan Lake this week!! Sounds like they were biting all over the lake including shorelines, reefs, weedbeds, and off the dock!! They Walleye fished with minnows and jigs and also road runners. The Walleye were in 4-6 feet of water and the biggest one caught was 25”. They caught lots of Northern as well and the biggest was 36”. They fished with spoons in 2-5 feet of water for the Northern. These guys saw 2 Bull moose, 3 Cows, and 3 Calves! Amazing!

Meen Lake 

The fishing was on fire on Meen Lake. The first thing the one gentleman said when he got off the plane was that he’s never seen Walleye fishing like that! And another comment was “best fishing ever”. They caught hundreds of Walleye… no trophies to speak of… the biggest was 22”. The Walleye were in 5-8 feet of water and they were biting any time of the day. The used 1/8 oz. jigs with twisters or minnows.

Pusher Lake 

These two guys couldn’t keep the Walleye of their line! They figured they caught about 300/day. The biggest was 21”. They fished with white twister tails and husky jerks. The best spot was the shoreline near the river going into Upper Wapesi. They caught about 150 Northern per day. The biggest was 35”. They were biting on husky jerks and minnows. Both the Walleye and Northern were biting in 3-6 feet of water and all day long.

Cook Lake

Our firsts guests to Cook Lake had a good week. They caught lots of Walleye and the biggest was 25”. They found that there were bigger Walleye in the portage lake (Bumpy), but caught more in Cook Lake. They fished with jigs (yellow and purple) and minnows. They fished the shorelines, islands, and points. They also caught a lot of Northern and the biggest was 39 inches. The Northern were biting on the same type of baits. All the fish were in 3-7 feet of water. They also caught two Perch!

McVicar Lake 

This group caught too many Walleye to count. The biggest one was 24”. They also caught MANY Northern. The biggest was 38”… they weren’t able to catch any trophies this round. The fished Walleye with jigs and minnows in 3-8 feet of water. The best places were the portages and anywhere with moving water. For Northern they fished with cleo, spinners, and jerk baits. The Northern were mostly along shorelines and weedbeds. The fishing was slower earlier in the week due to the poor weather conditions. The fishing picked up as the week went on.

Fawcett Lake

There were just two guys at Fawcett this week and they noted the Walleye fishing was a little slow. They had a hard time finding them and couldn’t find a consistent pattern. The very best spot was right off the dock! Things should really pick up now that the weather has straightened out. They caught three 25” Walleye and a 38.5” Northern. They said they caught lots of Northern. They were using suckers for Walleye and throwing almost anything for Northern. 

Kapikik Lake

The fishing on Kapikik was similar to Fawcett for opening week. They did well, but not for what Kapikik normally produces. Sometimes these bigger lakes need a good stretch of stable and warm weather to get them really fired up. Stay tuned for the next report!! 

Bertrand Lake

These guys caught a few hundred Walleye and over 50 Northern. THe biggest Walleye was 21 inches and the biggest Northern was 45! The best bait for Walleye were green jigs with minnows and the best bait for Northern was the exact same set up. Wayne's dock definitely had the best fishing on the entire lake!

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