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Fishing Reports | Fishing Report May 23-30, 2015
Jun. 5, 2015

Cedar Lake:

Not must changed on Cedar from the previous week to this week. The water is slow to warm up as the weather has been cool. The bass are hitting really good. As for Walleye, the quality is definitely there and the numbers are increasing more and more. The guests are getting more than enough to eat! We’ve had lots of real nice size Walleyes caught and released as well. The crappie fishing is slower; the guests are still having a hard time finding them.  Overall fishing is picking up more and more and will continue to as the water warms up.

Indian Lake Chain:

Fishing on the Chain is just getting better and better. The Trout are on top, Walleye are in 4-feet of water, and the Northern fishing with fly rods has been outstanding! There have been lots of respectable Walleye caught this week. All in all it was a great week even with the North winds. Here are some pictures from some of the guests... the Walleyes are 30, 28 and 27” inches and the Small Mouth is 19 inches.


There were 5 guys at McVicar this week and they caught a total of 1349 Walleye and 125 Northern. The biggest Walleye was 25 inches and the biggest Northern was 36. They mostly fished moving water. They portaged into Lang Lake and in the clear water where Lang empties into the next lake they found some monster Walleye. Most Walleye were caught in the falls on the upper end of McVicar. The first 4 days were the best fishing (hot and sunny) and it slowed down a little when the cold front moved in. On one of their best days, between 2 guys they caught 235 Walleye.


This group fished for Walleye using jigs with minnows and also casting Rapalas and Walleye Divers. The fished anywhere from 2 to 8 feet of water on sand bars, points, bays, and anywhere there was rock or sandgrass. The primarily Walleye fished back trollin with a jig and a minnow. The fishing was good at any time of day. Their biggest Walleye was 24 inches and about 5 pounds.

For Northern they fished with suckers, spoons, jointed minolures, and bucktails. They fished in 5-12 feet of water in bays, drop-offs, and points. The fishing was best at various times of day. They seemed to bite in spurts of 30-40 minutes then they would get "lock-jaw" for a couple of hours. The biggest Northern was 41.5 inches and weighed 28 pounds!



The best bait for Walleye was jigs with minnows and Rapala J-11. The water temperature was about 54-58 degrees Fahrenheit and the Walleye were mostly in 5-10’ of water. The largest Walleye was 25 inches and about 6 pounds.  Fishing around the islands was best and at Wayne’s “minnow cabin” dock. There were several Walleye caught in the 19-21” range and lots within the slot size.

The best bait for Northern fishing was live suckers, Rapala J-11, 5 Diamonds, and Johnson Silver Minnows. They were mostly in 3-5’ of water and the largest caught was 45.5 inches and about 20 pounds. Northern were found in the inlets and outlets trolling. They caught 12 Northern over 40 inches, 7 in the 36 to 39.5 inch range and 32 that were 35 inches and less.

The weather was hot Sunday through Tuesday and Wednesday it transitioned from hot to cool with rain. Thursday and Friday were cold, rainy and windy and it dropped below freezing on Friday night. Over the week they saw a black bear by the outlet, a caribou on the shore South of Wayne’s cabin, golden eagles, bald eagles, beavers, loons, and ducks.

This week’s group had a great time and noted that this is a great lake for big Pike. They say it’s the best Pike fishing they’ve ever experienced having caught 28 fish over 32 inches and 12 of them over 40”.


This is an email we received from the Dueling group that stayed at Wright this week. This pretty much sums it up.

Our trip to Wright Lake was FANTASTIC!!!!  I don’t know how you all do it but the accommodations and equipment just keep getting better year after year.  I have been traveling to NW Ontario for almost 25 years and without a doubt you all put on the best show of any outfitter in the business.  The addition of the 15 HP 4 Stroke Yamaha motors was super-duper awesome..........they worked flawlessly and no smoke puffing in your face    The electricity to the fish cleaning house was also a tremendous ADD this year!

It is impossible to consider going anywhere else (other than maybe one of your other lakes - even that is tough when the fishing is so outstanding at Wright Lake)!  The fishing was once again top notch at Wright.  This was our 3rd trip there.  The opportunity to catch many, many Walleye’s in the 20-26” range (with possibilities for larger) are there.  Our largest Walleye was 27”.  We caught many fish that were 20-25”!!!!  Some days was a bit of a challenge to catch our “eaters” (under 18”).  I cannot say enough good things about the Wright Lake camp and the operation that you all run.  If I can ever be a reference for someone considering a trip to NW Ontario have them contact me and will be more than happy to help them (specifically with Wright)!

It is truly paradise in the bush:

Two Electric Refrigerators

3000 Watt Honda Generator (Super Quiet)

Electric Lights with back up Solar lighting

4 Slice Electric Toaster


Electric Coffee Maker

Clean comforters/blankets (don’t have to drag along sleeping bags)

Hot and Cold running Water (dishes, showers etc.)


I could go on and on but better get back to work! 


Thanks again Team Clark

They fished for Walleye with gold fleck 1/4 oz jigs with minnows, about 6 inches off the bottom. They fished shorelines, points, bays, and inlets. For Northern they fished with gold weedless spoons and gold spinners in 2-6 feet of water. Their largest Norther was 45 inches. 

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