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Fishing Reports | Fishing Report September 3-10, 2016
Sep. 13, 2016


This group of three fishermen didn't count how many Walleye they caught, but they said they caught plenty. Three 20-inchers were the biggest Walleyes they caught. They primarily fished using a jig and minnow. The Walleye were along shorelines and reefs in 6-8 feet of water. They also caught plenty of Northerns and the biggest ones were 41.5 inches, 41 inches, 38 inches, 37 inches, and 36 inches. The Northerns were caught in the same places as the Walleyes and they bit on jigs with minnows and also 9" Sluggo's.  


It was this group's first time to Kapikik and they absolutely loved it! They caught over 1,000 Walleye and the biggest was 25 inches. They used jigs with minnows or twister tails. The best spots were anywhere with moving water; the S-curve, inflows/outflows, Kasego Falls, etc. The Walleye were in all different depths and the bite was consistent all day long. They did not target Northerns, but did catch a few in the mid-30 inch range. 


These four guys caught over 700 Walleye on Fawcett Lake. The biggest was 26.5 inches. The best bait was either a jig with a minnow or a jig with a worm. The best spots on the lake were in deep holes and breaklines on main lake (20-35 feet of water). 


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