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On this page you can keep up-to-date with what is happening at Clark's Resorts & Outposts. This will be a continuation of the "News" Blog that I (Meagan Stansfield) used to write at I will not be adding any new entries at the BlogSpot address; from now on I will write on here, on the "News" page of There is always lots of exciting stuff going on between the 2 Resorts and 20 Fly-In Outposts as well as the live bait business. Stay current on what is happening and learn a little from us about building and running these different businesses in Northwestern Ontario.

News | Spring Newsletter
Apr. 23, 2015
Spring is here! We hope this newsletter finds everyone happy and healthy after a long winter. It won't be long now before we can hit the water and start fishing again. If you've got a fishing vacation booked for this summer... the countdown is on! The snow is melting and the temperature is rising. The ice in front of the camps is black and doesn't look like it will hang on much longer! Unlike last year, we won't be dodging ice chunks on the opening day of Walleye season this year! We are busy getting the camps ready for a very busy season ahead. Only a few more weeks until we hit the ground running and we can't wait!

Come back to our blog to keep up to date on the ice and weather as fishing season approaches. We also encourage you to read Wayne's stories under the "Stories" tab. They are all true stories and are very entertaining. You can find a new story at the beginning of every month. We will also be updating the "Fishing Reports" section on a regular basis this summer, so keep an eye on that. 
What's New at the Drive-In Resorts?

At Northern Lights Resort, there is a brand-new check-in office being built and it will be done in a few weeks. The camp is also going to see a brand new dock system this spring! The main dock in front of the fish-cleaning house is going to be completely rebuilt using the dock pontoons that we sell. The dock will be nice and wide and stable with new boat slips as well. Clark's Camp will also be getting a couple of new docks using the dock pontoons. Clark's Camp also has a brand new deck overlooking the water with steps going down onto the sand beach. It is beautiful! We are always working to improve and update the camps.
What's New at the Fly-In Outposts?

There is not a whole lot of change at the outposts since last fall. We did build a new dock at McVicar and also a new dock at Upper Wapesi. Kapikik and Fawcett will be getting brand new 15 HP 4 stroke Yamaha motors this summer and Bertrand and Antenna will be getting new 8 HP 4 strokes. Antenna also got an "extension" on its deck, so it now wraps around the cabin, overlooking the lake. Bertrand will also be getting a new walkway at some point this summer. Shabumeni will be getting a complete overhaul including an addition on the cabin and a brand new dock. The work is never-ending!


We are excited to welcome three new staff members to our team this summer. We have a pilot, Adam who will be mostly be working at Northern Lights Resort as well as at the Outposts. His wife, Gundala will be joining our team as well and she will mostly be stationed at Clark's Camp. We also have Cassie joining our team to help with cleaning cabins. Nick and Carla will be back as well as Dan, Meagan, and Arlene. Of course, Chris will be around again this summer. He has been working hard all winter and is ready to kick it into overdrive once the ice is gone. Also, Jim and Lynda will be back at K.C.'s Landing Resort. We are so lucky to have such a great team... we couldn't do it without them! So let's bring on summer, we are more than ready! We can't wait to see all of our guests again as well as meet many new faces and provide them with the best fishing vacations ever!

Kind regards,
Wayne & Karla Clark & Meagan Stansfield
Of Clark's Resorts & Outposts

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