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On this page you can keep up-to-date with what is happening at Clark's Resorts & Outposts. This will be a continuation of the "News" Blog that I (Meagan Stansfield) used to write at I will not be adding any new entries at the BlogSpot address; from now on I will write on here, on the "News" page of There is always lots of exciting stuff going on between the 2 Resorts and 20 Fly-In Outposts as well as the live bait business. Stay current on what is happening and learn a little from us about building and running these different businesses in Northwestern Ontario.

News | Upgrades at Fawcett
Sep. 30, 2015

It is important to us to have top-notch facilities at the resorts and the outposts for our guests to enjoy. In order to maintain the facitilities, there is always lots of upgrading and rebuilding to be done. Over the summer we were busy hauling lumber to the outposts to build new walkways, docks, outhouses, and fishhouses, and more. We will start sharing pictures of the work that we've accomplished so far. Stay tuned for more progress reports as we have big plans for the fall and winter.

Fawcett received new walkways, a new deck overlooking the water, and some work done to the dock.

First we have two "before" pictures:

 And here is the new walkway:

 The new landing:

 And the beautiful new deck:

What a gorgeous vacation destination.

This is why people come to visit "Sunset Country". Oh, and the fishing is pretty good too...


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