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On this page you can keep up-to-date with what is happening at Clark's Resorts & Outposts. This will be a continuation of the "News" Blog that I (Meagan Stansfield) used to write at I will not be adding any new entries at the BlogSpot address; from now on I will write on here, on the "News" page of There is always lots of exciting stuff going on between the 2 Resorts and 20 Fly-In Outposts as well as the live bait business. Stay current on what is happening and learn a little from us about building and running these different businesses in Northwestern Ontario.

News | Winter Projects
Dec. 15, 2014

Greetings from the North! Not exactly the snowy, cold North that we are used to... last year around this time we were absolutely buried in deep snow and trying to survive in record breaking cold temperatures. Today, the school busses are cancelled due to freezing rain! We had a bit of a cold snap in November, but we've had a very mild December. Our foot or so of snow is slowly melting and we've had many warm, foggy, even rainy days lately. Luckily, the cold weather in November gave us some good thick ice. Ice fishing has been great, we are all eating fresh Walleye on a regular basis. 

The mild weather and good ice has also allowed Wayne to get his airplane back on skis a lot sooner than last year. He and Chris have done some minnow trapping with the airplane and also went and checked on some outposts.

Minnow Trapping with the Airplane

Lots of Snow at Wright Lake Outpost!

The new building at Northern Lights Resort has been on hold for a little while as we wait for the electricians to do their work. The building is completely shelled in; roof, windows, and doors are in, and all of the partitions are up on the inside. Insulating will start very soon. I will post pictures of the progress as we move along. In the meantime, Wayne and Chris have been busy in the shop working on various projects as well as doing lots of minnow trapping. 

The New Office Building at Northern Lights Resort

We have started on another project this winter - we started a new Blog. The inspiration came about last year while Meagan, Karla, and Wayne were sitting down for "rum o'clock" at a sports show in Minneapolis. "Rum o'clock" is what Wayne and Karla call their daily "down time" that happens at 5:00 p.m. everyday; they take that few minutes to have a "rum" and review the days' events, and plan the next days activities. At this particular "rum o'clock" they started telling Meagan stories about how they got their "start" and began building a life in Northwestern Ontario. Some pretty incredible stories emerged. Meagan encouraged them to start sharing some of these stories with people who would find them very interesting, educational, and most of all entertaining. Judging by the response that we've had from this blog, "News at Clark's Resorts and Outposts" it seems that people enjoy reading about the lifestyle that we live and adventures that we have here in Northwestern Ontario. 

We will be posting a series of his short stories and calling the series, "Rum O'Clock with Wayne". We will share with our readers some of the trials and struggles encountered while building a life and businesses and raising a family in Northwestern Ontario. We hope you will stay tuned, as we endeavor to post a new entry around the first of every month. You can find the stories at

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